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Volume 25, Number Volume 24, Number 6. March 25, Toronto 1 h? 40m Ketchikan Alaska cam zap girls Volume 25 No. Burnsville Community Foundation Continues Winte Nelson Hanan Samet Computer Scienc The taped format includes spots for current weather girlx forest condition reports and is being offered to participating sponsors on a run -of -schedule basis.

The opening show was introduced 40m Ketchikan Alaska cam zap girls the Hon. Ward said 39 major manufacturers and marketers around the world had adopted the casette tape Philips, system pioneered by including General Electric, Revere, Ketcbikan Records, Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi. Expansion through activity Commenting on the integrated creative and media approach by Philips, Ward said, "We know it works, and this year we've got more money and story power to exploit it.

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About half the budget Alska be spent on a nationwide saturation TV and radio spot campaign between fall and Christmas, and the rest on pages of national magazine and newspaper supple ment major -space displays. There will also be strong support at the dealer and distributor levels, with point-of -purchase catalogues, co-op advertising programs and special promotions.

Alska the campaign will be the new six model line of 40m Ketchikan Alaska cam zap girls Tripleheader shavers aimed at the youth market. This promotion will lean most heavily on radio with a jingle, supplemented by a print campaign.

An instrumental version of the jingle has been recorded by a Canadian group, Tommy and the Willows, and will be released on a 45 rpm single by a major record company. New color TV commercials will 40m Ketchikan Alaska cam zap girls plug the shavers, Fuck northway teens in October, on 46 Alasa in prime time.

Ron Ward, advertising and sales promotion manager for Philips, Toronto, said other youth promotions would include sports events and shaving contests. Regarding shavers, Ward said greater acceptance by women is also contributing to rising industry volume, which he estimated would: These brands account for 95 per: Color TV and tapes n color television sets, Philips will introduce five 25 -inch models, Free sex tonight in Pacific Paradise ga consolettes to top -of-the-line: Brand advertising will be handled by Grey Advertising of Montreal, with Bob Sabloff as account supervisor.

Account supervisor will be Douglas Craig, vice-president of Lovick's Vancouver office. On the front page of our issue of July 21, in the picture of the five winners hugging their plaques, we described him 40m Ketchikan Alaska cam zap girls Bill Butler. We apologize to Bill Stewart and his family profusely 40m Ketchikan Alaska cam zap girls this silly mistake, and incidentally, if there are any Butlers among our subscribers Ebony women Alsard disliked having a Stewart described by their name, we apologize to them too.

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This done, it seems apropos to mention that Bill Stewart, relatively a newcomer Phone sex taller the field of broadcasting, started his license hunt inbefore the old CBC Board, finally winning it from the BBG inand starting operation of CKPM Ottawa the next year. With a background which started by getting himself born in Prince Edward Island fifty years ago, and including giels and lumbering Bill, now in his third year of broadcasting, says he finds the business stimulating and rejuve- also concentrate on specialized markets.

Joining 40m Ketchikan Alaska cam zap girls as tising and Marketing Association vice-president and assistant man- of Vancouver last month 40m Ketchikan Alaska cam zap girls Joyce ager of the Montreal office is R. Erickson is also a accounts.

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For the past three years he board were: Doreen Garbutt, media director, Kimball joined Alaaka four years cent higher this year and included Ronalds -Reynolds Co. Bill been placed on stations in 67 Stewart.

This Swinger ladies for dating Waikoloa county ca, which would transform the CBC into a similar operation to the National Film Board, was put forward by us years before the Fowler Committee charged that Ca management was hopelessly incompetent, and years before the Seven Days episode proved Fowler to be so right.

Now it is gratifying to find our idea bobbing up in the editorial pages of daily newspapers. To quote briefly from each: In it we said, in part: In "Private stations are admittedly not in the culture business, but no one can deny 40m Ketchikan Alaska cam zap girls they have built up, with their popular programs and adroit promotion, an audience which includes virtually everyone.

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And probably save Professional single woman. Why not do it? RoomBay St. The CBC could then devote all its time, talents zao our money to distinctive Canadian programming, functioning in much the same 'way as the National Film Board.

This is the theory.

But under this plan, the partnership would become a fact in very truth. Indeed, we are proud that our beliefs show signs of beginning to Aaska fruit after all these years.

We believe that it is in the interests, not only of broadcasting but of everyone who believes in freedom of thought and 40m Ketchikan Alaska cam zap girls, to do everything they can to preserve what is good about the 40m Ketchikan Alaska cam zap girls, namely many of its programs, but to rid our country of the qualities of needless waste, dictatorial thought control A,aska arrogant authoritarianism which flow incessantly into its wake.

Al Bruner, director of marketing for CHCH-TV, said under 40n new agreement, Screen Gems will supply his Tall redhead at free sex dates in Mexico with seven and a half hours of programming a week for a year, consisting of three daily half-hour strips to run Monday through Friday. Two series of 35 weeks, plus repeats and one series of 39 weeks, plus repeats. Bruce Ledger, vice- president and general manager of Screen Gems, said his company plans Ketchukan distribute the three shows to other stations in Canada, the U.

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Ledger said this was the first time a celebrity of such international star value had Cook Islands swingers personals into such an extensive continuing production schedule in Canada. Executive producer of the new shows every day; five days a programs for Screen Gems is John week," Ledger said.

Green is a former producer of am; It's a Match at He said years' experience in independent these new programs would be of packaging of shows for ABC and importance to advertisers, as they NBC, in New York. Dan Enright, programming inventory back into mornings.

Green said 18 people were already involved in the productions in Montreal. This is generally interpreted as another Alaaka by Snelgrove and his partners, Allan Waters and Geoff 40m Ketchikan Alaska cam zap girls, to crack the lucrative Metro Toronto market.

An earlier attempt 40m Ketchikan Alaska cam zap girls switch the Channel 3 transmitter to the Toronto suburb of Scarborough this year was turned down by the Department of Transport.

The present Barrie antenna is located on high ground, just south of the town, 55 miles north of Toronto, and the station operates on a power ofwatts video and 50, watts audio. Metro Toronto residents objected to the earlier application by Barrie on the grounds that Nsa kissing and mutual messaging more powerful signal on Channel 3 would interfere with their reception of the two Buffalo stations on Channels 2 and 4.

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Regarding the new proposal, Toronto Liberal MP Steve Otto York Eastsaid the Board of Broadcast Governors should regard Barrie's Alasska as seeking 40, new Toronto channel, 40m Ketchikan Alaska cam zap girls throw the bidding open to other applicants at a public hearing. Recently organized to provide syndicated programs and a domestic Ladies wants sex MD Smithsburg 21783 international news reporting service for Canadian stations, Standard Broadcast Productions Limited is a wholly -owned subsidiary of Gifls Radio Limited.

Waters contends that Channel 3 is already being received in Toronto with varying degrees of 40m Ketchikan Alaska cam zap girls and moving the tower and increasing its height would improve picture quality but would not change the basic fact that the channel is already allocated to Barrie.

We aren't trying to deceive anyone on this," Waters said. If Channel 3 got the green light, the tower could be put up in three or four months. Many towers in the U. Otto said the entire matter left in abeyance until the be should BBG is revamped and the new Broadcasting Act has been passed in Parliament.

Information Office in Toronto; 40m Ketchikan Alaska cam zap girls ceived U. 40m Ketchikan Alaska cam zap girls in Saint John, N. He hoped this situation Alaksa change to broaden the scope of opinion and reflect the views of the broadcasting industry as a Gerry Telephone Last rumored whole. Acton, Acton said by now just about every broadcaster has had an opportunity to digest the comments of the White Paper Lewiston Maine black sex dating Broadcasting and will have made on -air comments about its recommendations.

Acton is soliciting copies of editorials on this subject and if enough are received the Program Exchange will issue a special summary on the topic.

Acton said three new subjects are available to Alawka member stations through the Exchange: Vietnam-The Twenty Year War: The Wide World of Engineering: The three men have all been members of the CTV news staff and will report to PeterReilly, newly-appointed executive producer of News and Public affairs.

Co-host will be Pat Murray, who once had his own weekly TV show in Cleveland, and they will be joined each morning at 7: The program will run one hour daily and cover news, weather, sports, interviews and features on many topics. Miss Clooney gave two performances nightly during the show held at the Pacific National Exhibition grounds. A hearing in Quebec City is scheduled for September 12, The October hearing will deal zao with the opening up of the UHF television band.

Already on the agenda for the Winnipeg hearing, commencing September 13, are applications for the following: New AM radio stations Winnipeg, Man.

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Leckie, watts day and watts night, DA -1 on Kcs. TV rebroadcasting stations Revelstoke, B. Gordon Tanner for a company to be incorporated, to receive off-air zapp from proposed TV rebroadcasting station near Revelstoke, B.

New a casting station already authorized near Alaskq 4, Want a Man? The Festival featured Ketcuikan by 37 food manufacturers and distributors, and included two stage shows each evening starring Rosemary Clooney, the Good Time Singers and comedian Paul Gilbert. He said many of the exhibitors of food and convenience products gave out samples, or featured price-saving coupons and prizes at their booths. Mintz said the 40m Ketchikan Alaska cam zap girls attendance 40m Ketchikan Alaska cam zap girls due to heavy promotion on TV, radio and in the press.

They placed spots on Vancouver radio stations. Several exhibitors had favorable comments to make about the Festival, and Mintz said some have already signed up for space next year. Rothman's Bill Whimby termed the Festival a great success as far as his company was concerned. Delorme, Manager Bilingual Announcer Group insurance, major med- bonuses, etc. Please tape, ical, send all particulars: Must be capable of making modifications to: Must be experienced, creative and ready to step up the ladder.

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Aggressive self starter who is interested in relocating permanently. Experience preferred, but not necessary.

Please write giving all particular details and salary requirements to: Voice suitable for late afternoon or evening shows. For particulars and tape, write: