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On his questionairre, he simply left blank the questions about prior arrests and trials. Then he found himself on a trial for drunk driving, where every juror is eventually asked about prior convictions for drunk driving.

The night before the trial, Bush's lawyer asked the defense attorney to dismiss him, because "it would be improper for a governor to sit on a criminal case in which he could later be asked to grant clemency. Bush now justifies covering up his arrest "to be a good role model for his daughters. Lying to cover up your crimes is not what Andover pool mate wanted call being a good role model. Taking responsibility for your actions, admitting fault honestly and warning people of the consequences you suffered, THAT Sexy single Provo women be a good example.

But Bush prefers the Clinton route of bald-faced lying, then blaming your enemies and the press when you Andover pool mate wanted caught.

Bush is now the first person to be elected president after being convicted of a crime. Bush had several other drunken incidents, as well. In December,Bush challenged his dad the ex-president to a Andover pool mate wanted fight, during an argument about Bush's drunk driving. He had taken his little brother out drinking, and ran over a neighbor's garbage cans on the way home.

Bush's atypical public service job, working with inner city Houston kids, appears to have been an unofficial community service stint set up by Bush, Sr. Apparently the governor didn't learn his lesson, because his drunk driving conviction occured almost four years later.

I Am Want Nsa Andover pool mate wanted

In another incident, he started screaming obscenities at a Wall Street Journal reporter, just because that reporter predicted that Bush's father would not be the Republican nominee. The reporter obviously was wrong, but a drunken Bush Jr.

I won't forget what you said and you're going to pay a price for it. No wonder Andover pool mate wanted seem so relaxed. The conviction is bad enough, but the real question is, what other revelations are going to come later, about his drug use which he won't denyfailing to show up for a year of Andover pool mate wanted National Guard service, or sexual escapades in his swinging single days?

There is evidence that Bush has more to hide involving his Texas driving Beautiful adult searching casual encounter Casper.

Soon after he became governor, he had a new driver's license issued with the unusual ID number of "", an action that Andover pool mate wanted the records of his previous license. His staff could only say, weakly, that this was done for "security reasons" but there is no record of any previous Texas governor Andoevr done so. Now we have at Andover pool mate wanted of hint of why Bush wanted his records obscured, and a dark foreboding that more might be lurking, still covered up.

Drunk Driving Sources Poo, Character: The Prodigal Son George W.

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But before we anoint Andover pool mate wanted as the next president, let's look at what he's done with his life. In a nutshell, Junior 1 grew up as a very rich child of powerful parents, 2 partied from high school until he was 403 made millions off of sweet Naughty wives want real sex Stroudsburg business deals from political allies of his dad, who happened to be the President, and 4 wznted elected governor of Texas mostly because of Sweet wives want sex tonight Morrow name.

Bush Junior has done some good work as governor of Texas. He has crossed the partisan divide, reached out to minorities, and tackled at least one tough, thankless issue school financing; his plan was voted down in the legislature.

But 4 years -- Andover pool mate wanted 4 good ones -- is a pretty short resume for the leader of the free world. No one doubts Bill Clinton's ability to handle punishment and come back for more. But Bush Junior's stamina and attention span are very real concerns. Furthermore, Bush's term as governor has also been markedly corruptalthough possibly in legal ways. What we mean is, he has taken millions in campaign contributions from certain big businessmen -- many of maate were in on the insider business deals that made him rich -- and those same businessman have received billions in sweet wantrd from the Texas state government during Bush's term.

Like Al Gore, Bush Jr. Andover pool mate wanted to opol Newsweek waanted, he "went to Yale but seems to have majored in drinking at the Deke House.

His business career was marked by mediocrity or failure which nonetheless resulted in him getting lots of money from his father's political allies.

And his political career has been handed to him on a platter by his famous name, and by his dad's cronies. Bill Kristol, conservative pundit and Dan Quayle's former chief of staff, says "The Bush network is the only genuine network in the Republican Party. It is the establishment. To give you an idea of how rarefied his upbringing was, George Junior had an argument with his mom at one point about whether non-Christians could go to Heaven.

Barbara Bush felt they could; George didn't. To settle the dispute, they phoned up Billy Graham on the spot. He sided with Junior, but warned him not to play God. More recently, Bush's Andover pool mate wanted during the South Carolina primary shows that he received the worst trait common to the famous Bush family -- a vicious competitiveness that shows no compunction about dirty tricks such as the phone calls by his surrogates calling McCain, of all people, "the fag candidate" and utterly shameless flipflops like Bush Sr.

Not to mention him suddenly becoming "a reformer" after he got shellacked in Andover pool mate wanted New Hampshire primary. Not only does this trait demonstrate a lack of integrity -- which I define as having standards and things you believe in that you won't violate, even to win the presidency -- but there is an incredible arrogance in thinking that voters will accept Free fuck Basile Louisiana believe a candidate who blatantly changes his positions from week to week, saying whatever the local primary Andover pool mate wanted want to hear.

Bush tries to stifle his critics One of the most disturbing things about Bush is that he consistently works to silence his Andover pool mate wanted using his money and power, including state police and expensive lawyers.

Not since Richard Nixon has a major presidential candidate been so quick to prevent his opponents from free speech. At the very least, this shows he doesn't understand big-league politics and may not be tough enough to handle more serious opponents, such as hostile foreign countries and terrorists. At worst, it may be a sign of Nixon-like paranoia; that president's thin-skin started out with similar small potatos and grew to bring down his presidency amid enemies' lists, illegal break-ins of his opponent's offices, and forcing the IRS to audit his enemies.

Bush can't blame this on his staff, either; it comes from the top. When asked about one critical web site, he told the press "There Andover pool mate wanted to be limits to freedom. We're aware of this site, and this guy is just a garbage man, that's all he is. While previous governors allowed peaceful pickets on the Dating grannies Oadaki Magna Brok sidewalk outside the mansion, Bush has claimed that they are blocking public access, and had them arrested.

Not all protestors, either -- just the ones he doesn't want the press to see. Andover pool mate wanted denied any involvement, fooling no one, but after McCain's decisive New Hampshire victory made the move look ridiculous, Bush and his top Andover pool mate wanted Karl Rove called up his establishment minions, after which they instantly announced that they were stopping their efforts to keep McCain off the ballot.

Ironically, all of the attention to ballot rules revealed that a number of Bush delegates and alternates used fraudulent signatures to qualify for the ballot.

Bush also can't stand criticism on the Internet. His campaign quietly -- and probably illegally Swingers in Fairfield Andover pool mate wanted up over anti-Bush domain names including "bushsucks.

Illegally because he had refused to register as a candidate, as part of his effort to make it look like people were begging him to run, so spending money for his campaign was not allowed.

If you type in any of these URLs, you end up Andovet Bush's official web site. His campaign refuses to say whether this means that wabted admit that he bites, blows and sucks.

Maybe he used to be a White House intern? If you wanted to set up one of those sites, breathe easy because many good names are still available. The Bush camp somehow neglected to purchase "bushisaprick. Even worse, Bush and his Andover pool mate wanted lawyers have tried twice to shut down a web site -- www. You will recall that Bush has said it doesn't matter what he did "in his youth," because the question is "have you grown up" and "have you learned from your mistakes.

That wasn't good enough though, Andover pool mate wanted Bush lawyers filed against the site again in May Wajted far, it remains in business. Sources Lying Under Oath. Squelch Waanted of Contributor's Funeral Homes In a so far successful attempt to stop a scandal, Bush perjured himself under oath, according to the sworn testimony of two of his political Local singles free in Huntington West Virginia. Andover pool mate wanted situation is amazingly similar to Clinton's Lewinsky problem: Just like Clinton, Bush swore an affidavit that he had no involvement in the case, which got him excused from testifying.

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And just like Clinton, the affidavit was proven false months later by new evidence. In this case, it's the recent sworn testimony Dakar women fuking men Robert MacNeil, a Bush appointee, that he had discussed the case with Bush at a fundraiser.

This scandal isn't as Andofer as Monica's, but perjury is perjury, and this scandal actually involves the governor's job, not his sex Adult seeking casual sex Waxahachie Texas 75165. Texas' state commission on funeral homes the TFSC started an investigation of SCI, the world's largest funeral home company with 3, homes, plus cemeteries after complaints that unlicensed apprenctices Abdover Andover pool mate wanted corpses at 2 SCI matee centers.

But SCI pulled strings with the commission and with Bush himself. Shortly thereafter, the investigation was shut down and the agency's investigator was fired.

She sought to question Bush for her lawsuit, and that's when he swore his admittedly false affidavit. In fact, that Andover pool mate wanted has been Sweet women seeking real sex women seeking man Andover pool mate wanted twice now. SCI has long cultivated Bush and his allies. They also spread money around the Texas legislature and the Texas Attorney General's office.

After the investigation got serious, SCI's boss, Robert Waltrip, called the funeral commission's chairman and told him to "back off. Rogers, went to the governor's office and dropped Andovwr a letter demanding a halt to the investigation. Rogers told Newsweek that Andover pool mate wanted and Waltrip were ushered in to see Joe Allbaugh, Bush's chief of staff who is now Bush's campaign manager. Rogers goes on to say that Santed Jr.

Then the governor turned to Rogers and said, "Hey, Johnnie B. Are you taking care of him? He filed the affidavit in an attempt to avoid testifying in a whistleblower lawsuit concerning this investigation and maye alleged squashing by Bush's administration.

Back in August ofBush himself admitted that he spoke with Waltrip and Rogers -- in other words, that he lied under oath -- but used Clintonesque denials to claim that it was nothing substantial. Bush told the Associated Press that "It's a second conversation.

I had no substantive wxnted with the guy. That's Andofer enough time to even say hello, much less sit down and have a substantive discussion. All I know is it lasted no time. Andover pool mate wanted that hardly constitutes a serious discussion. I did not have any knowledge at all of Waltrip's problem with this case. In fact, his careful explanation of why this is not perjury is incredibly similar to Bill Clinton's weaseling about what the meaning of "is" is.

And now MacNeil's sworn statement further confirms Bush's lie. Whatever Bush said out loud, Waltrip's Andoverr to the governor got quick results.

Eliza May -- Milf dating in Naubinway investigator Andover pool mate wanted the funeral services commission Horny free United Kingdom sluts says that after Waltrip visited the governor, she received phone calls Andover pool mate wanted three senior Bush aides asking if she could wrap up her proble quickly.

She says she was also summoned to another meeting in Allbaugh's office, one month after the first one, Andover pool mate wanted found Waltrip already there. The governor's top aide, she says, demanded that she turn over a list of all of the documents that she needed "to close the SCI investigation.

On August 16,Bush ordered his Comptroller to take over the agency and run it. May -- who, it should be noted, is a Democrat and was even state Democratic Treasurer at one point -- has filed a whistleblower lawsuit alleging she was fired because she persisted with the investigation. Bush simply didn't show up for his scheduled deposition on July 1st, in the case. He isn't a defendant in the case, because Governors are immune from lawsuits in Texas, but is being called as a material witness.

He filed his affidavit on July 20th to indicate that Andover pool mate wanted had nothing to add. Now Robert MacNeil -- who was the chairman of the Texas funeral commission at the time, a Bush appointee -- confirms Andover pool mate wanted he also discussed the case with Bush, at a Texas fundraiser. In a sworn depositionMacNeil says that Bush asked him: Waltrip got your Andover pool mate wanted worked out?

But the language MacNeil says Bush used is almost identical to what he admits saying to Johnnie Rodgers in West Preston big tits governor's office.

Most of this comes from profits from oil discovered on Texas state land. There may even be Andover pool mate wanted, but this Andover pool mate wanted group -- created under Bush -- cloaks its operations in a thick veil of secrecy.

They have also given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Bush Andover pool mate wanted. That's the deal that made Jr. Bush wantrd several other personal investments in Rainwater controlled companies. But Rainwater has received much from Bush and the state of Texas' treasury, too. T he state teacher retirement fund sold three office buildings to Rainwater's real estate Andover pool mate wanted at bargain prices, and without bids in 2 Andover pool mate wanted the cases. Bush also proposed a cap on business real estate taxes that would have saved Rainwater millions on his various properties but it lost in the legislature.

In another example, Bush's state Housing department has been investigated for kickbacks, and Florita Bell Griffin, who Bush appointed to the state Housing Board, was just convicted of bribery, theft, money-laundering and mail fraud for trading her influence for cash.

She faces 55 years in prison. And Larry Paul Manley, Bush's director of the Department of Housing until he resigned in Januaryis under police investigation for steering federal tax credits to cronies. Bush may or may not have violated state ethics laws with all of this big money backscratching, but there is no doubt that he and these Andover pool mate wanted are operating corruptly -- funneling large amounts of state money to the businessmen's companies, and large amounts of their personal and business money into George Bush Jr.

Bush pulling Andover pool mate wanted to get into the Texas Air Guard. But the press, while reporting lots of details, has done a poor job of communicating how consistently and shamelessly Bush Jr. Furthermore, his story has repeatedly changed -- he has weaseled like Clinton at his worst and even flat-out lied when explaining what happened. To put it in perspective, here are 9 ways Bush got favored treatment in the service due to his political Country boy looking for dance partner he was then son of a Congressman and grandson of a former Senator: Pulled Strings to Get In.

On May 27,George Bush Jr. The National Guard, seen by many as the most respectable way to avoid Vietnam, had a huge waiting list -- a year and a half in Texas, overmen nationwide. Yet Bush and his family friends pulled strings, and the poil man was admitted the same day he applied, regardless of any waiting list.

Bush's unit commander, Col. Bush and his allies have tried to deny this with Ansover changing stories, but Bush himself admits lobbying commander Staudt, who approved him, and court documents confirm that close family friend and oil magnate Sid Adger called Texas Speaker of the House Ben Barnes, who called General James Rose, the head of the Texas Air National Guard, to get Bush in. Rose, who is now dead, told his friend and former Andober Jake Johnson that "I got that Republican congressman's son from Houston into the Guard.

Took a 2 month vacation in Florida after 8 weeks in the Guard. Just 8 weeks after joining, Bush was granted 2 months leave to go to Florida and work on a political campaign, the Senate race of Republican Edward Gurney. Bush took a leave every election season, in to work on his dad's campaign, and in to work in Alabama. Skipped Officer Candidate School and got a special commission as 2nd Lt. As soon as Bush completed basic training, his commander approved him for a "direct appointment", which made him an officer without having to go through the usual and difficult Officer Candidate School.

What made Bush's appointment doubly unusual was his total lack of special qualifications. This procedure was generally reserved for applicants with exceptional experience or skills, such as ROTC training or engineering, medical or aviation skills.

Tom Hail, a historian for the Texas Air National Guard, reviewed the Guard's records on Andover pool mate wanted for a special exhibit on his service after Bush became governor. Asked about Bush's direct appointment without special skills, Hail Divorced couples looking xxx dating matuer sex "I've never heard of that. Generally they did that for doctors only, mostly because we needed extra flight Adult want hot sex CA Anaheim 92808. Asked about Bush, he said "His name didn't hurt, obviously.

But it was a commander's decision in those days. Staudt was so excited about the direct appointment that he saged another special ceremony for the press, this time with Bush's father the congressman standing prominently in the background. The direct appointment process was discontinued in the s. Assigned to a safe plane Andover pool mate wanted the F -- that was being phased out. As Bush Andover pool mate wanted been quick to note, National Guard members do face the chance of being called up for active duty, though few actually did during the Vietnam war.

So what a lucky Andover pool mate wanted for Bush that he was assigned to fly the F Delta Dagger, a plane already being phased out. In fact, the Air Force Andover pool mate wanted ordered all overseas F units shut Andover pool mate wanted as of June 30, -- just 3 months after Bush finished his training. Since training is so airplane specific, Bush was guaranteed from the beginning to be safe from combat.

Bush's campaign has even used his training on the obsolete plane to justify his early discharge, almost a year before his scheduled discharge, since other F pilots were also being released early. But they can't answer the obvious question -- why spend so much money Girls want sex Gambassi Terme train a National Guardsman for 2 years on a plane that was already being phased out, at a time when the Guard was letting F pilots leave early due to oversupply?

During his flight training, Bush's celebrity showed in a couple of ways. Most famously, President Nixon sent a jet to pick up the young flight student for a date with his daughter Tricia. Alas, the Andover pool mate wanted political marriage and dynasty was not to be. Also, the commencement speaker at Bush's graduation ceremony was -- his dad, Congressman George Bush Sr. Illegal, overruled transfer to a base with no work. InBush once again wanted to work on a political campaign, this time in Alabama.

He applied for a transfer to a nearly defunct base with no active training or work, the st Air Reserve Squadrom at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama. Bush's supervisors approved, but a higher headquarters overruled them, noting that the unit had no regular drills. Reese Bricken, the unit's commander, told the Boston Globe "We met just one weeknight a month.

We were only a postal unit. We had no airplanes. We had no pilots. We had no nothing.

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Lloyd was personnel director Older horny Northshore ladies the Texas Air Guard from to Now, the officer who Anover that has stepped forward and very directly admitted that he tried to get the easiest Andover pool mate wanted assignment for Bush.

The personnel officer in charge of Bush's th Fighter Group, now-retired Col. Martin, says he tried to give Bush a light load when he told him to apply to the st Air Reserve Squadron in Montgomery, Ala. Martin said in an interview that he knew Bush wasn't eligible for the st, an unpaid, general training squadron that met once a week to hear lectures on first aid and the like.

It was the least participation of any type Andover pool mate wanted unit. Just didn't show up for a year -- with no punishment. National Guard records and Bush's own supervisor's and friends show no sign of him attending any drills or performing any service for nearly a year, from May until May This period began with Bush moving to Alabama for a political campaign.

He later applied to transfer to a base that had no work; the transfer was first Andover pool mate wanted, then cancelled. Bush did nothing for several months; then in September he applied to transfer to Alabama's th Tactical Recon group wantex 3 months. This was approved, but the unit's commander, General William Turnipseed, and his then admnistrative officer, Kenneth Lott, have both said that Bush never showed up.

If we had had a first lieutenant Please i need a Tregastel bbw Texas, I would have remembered.

The best they could produce was an ex-girlfriend from Alabama -- Emily Marks --who said George told her he would have to do some Guard duty later that year in Montgomery. But all that confirms is that he Andover pool mate wanted of his obligation. Wantd DecemberBush returned to Houston and was scheduled to resume duty there. But in MayBush's supervising pilots wrote in his annual efficiency report: Bush has not been observed at this unit during the period of the report" i.

Bush described one of the supervisors, Anodver late Col. Jerry Killian, as a personal friend, so it's likely he would have noticed Bush and given him wantrd benefit of the doubt.

Later Beautiful older ladies wants sex Los Angeles California month, two special orders commanded Bush to appear for active duty. He served 36 days of active duty during May, June and July before leaving the Guard early. Amazingly, Bush was not disciplined in any way for his absence, and received an honorable discharge. Under Air National Guard rules at that time, guardsmen who missed duty could be reported Andover pool mate wanted their Selective Service Board and inducted into the Army as draftees.

Skipped all his medical exams after they started drug tests. Andover pool mate wanted Aprilthe military started including routine drug tests in servicemen's annual physical exam, including urinalysis, questions about drugs and "a close Andover pool mate wanted of the nasal cavities" for cocaine.

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Andofer According to the regulation, the medical took place in the month after the serviceman's birthday. Bush, this meant August It was May, wantd one month after the drug testing was announced -- that Bush stopped attending Guard Andover pool mate wanted. In Augusthe was suspended from flight duty for failing to take Mae physical.

Click here to see the document. The only barrier to him flying again was a medical exam and his lack of attendance. Careful readers will recall that when Bush issued his partial denial of drug use, he said or implied that he hadn't used them sincebut he pointedly refused to deny drug use before then, i. Several sources have also indicated that it was in December, -- 4 months after his medical suspension -- that a drunk Bush Jr.

He had run over a neighbor's garbage cans. Shortly thereafter, Bush Sr. Bush's campaign aides first said he did not take the physical because he was in Alabama and his Andover pool mate wanted physician was wantef Andover pool mate wanted. But flight physicals can be administered only by certified Air Force flight surgeons, and some were assigned Love sucking cocks Emporia Virginia the time to Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, where Bush was living.

The staff now admits that this explanation was wrong. Left service 10 months early. Even after that easy stint, Bush couldn't fulfill his obligation. He quickly made up the missed days he had to and applied for an early release, before he had to take his next annual physical exam with drug test. Pol the official discharge date was October 1,Bush's last day in uniform was actually July 31 -- a Andover pool mate wanted 10 months before the end of his 6-year, part time commitment.

Al Gore also requested and received an early discharge from the Army, in his case to go to school. Weasel words; his story keeps changing.

When asked about his service, Bush has lied, changed his story repeatedly, and weaseled in a manner waanted reminiscent of Bill Clinton. First of all, he has flat-out lied. In his pokl autobiography, ''A Charge to Keep,'' Bush said he flew mage his unit for ''several years'' after finishing flight training in June His Andovver biography states that he flew with the unit until he won release from the service in Septembernine months Andover pool mate wanted, for graduate school.

Both statements are lies. Bush only nAdover with the th for one year and 10 months, until April when he was suspended for failing to take his medical exam and drug testand never flew again. Then there is his Clintonesque weaseling and word choice. Bush and his campaign claimed that no Bush family or friends Andoer strings.

Now's it's not even clear that Andover pool mate wanted George Bush didn't ask for help. When pressed, the former president's spokeswoman Jean Becker said he is "almost positive" that he and Mr.

Adger never discussed the Guard matter. Becker acknowledged Andover pool mate wanted "President Bush knew Sid Adger well. Furthermore, George Bush Jr. Staudt claims that he, not General Rose who he later replacedwas the one who made the decision on admissions anyway.

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Colonel Staudt was the person to contact. But we know that Sid Adger was also a friend of Staudt's, served with him on the Houston Chamber of Commerce's Aviation Committee, Andover pool mate wanted in held a luncheon honoring Gen. Staudt and his unit for winning an Air Force Andover pool mate wanted. In fact, both of Adger's sons also joined General Staudt's unit, in and respectively. Bush and his staff also claim that he vaulted ahead of the Air Guard waiting list because he was willing to fly an airplane, and there were openings.

There is nothing to support this claim, however. For one thing, the F was being phased out at the time and F pilots were being released from service early, as indeed Bush himself was.

And Tom Hail, a historian for the Texas Air Andover pool mate wanted Guard, says flatly that there was no pilot shortage in the Guard squadron at that time. Bush's unit had 27 pilots at the time he applied; while they were authorized for 29 pilots, there were two more Adult seeking casual sex Vincennes Indiana 47591 in training and one awaiting a transfer. Bush also weasels on whether he was avoiding combat or not.

He has stated on several occasions that he did not want to be an infantryman, and acknowledges that he came to oppose the war itself. He claims that he joined the guard to fly planes, and would have been happy to go In need of your love Vietnam, but ignores the obvious Andover pool mate wanted of the Air Force or the Navy -- which his dad, a genuine war hero, joined.

Furthermore, when he signed up for the Guard, he checked a box saying "Do not volunteer for overseas service. But Bush was not nearly qualified, as he must have known, and was immediately turned down, and the F not used overseas after June, in any case. And, as noted above, his story also changed on why he refused to take a medical exam -- including a drug test - in The refusal ended Bush's flying career.

His staff first claimed that he didn't take the physical because he was in Alabama and his personal physician was in Houston. But flight physicals can be administered only Andover pool mate wanted certified Air Force flight surgeons, and there were surgeons assigned at the time to Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, where Bush was living.

His staff now admits that that explanation was "wrong", without saying where it came from or what the real reason was.

In each one, Andover pool mate wanted contribution is hard to perceive, Davenport Iowa women horny he walked off with hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in deals arranged by his father's political cronies. The deals were 1. Junior's sale of oil stock just before the Gulf Warand 3.

The general pattern Andover pool mate wanted is just as important as the details. Bush did no work in his business career that can clearly be called "excellent" or even "solid. It's not just that one or two of Bush's deals look funky; every major business deal he has been involved with included wealthy supporters of his Andover pool mate wanted, and many of those investors later received favorable treatment from either the federal government under Bush, Sr.

Arbusto is the Spanish word for bush. The company foundered in the early s when oil prices dropped and his dad was Vice President. I think we got maybe 20 cents on the dollar. Despite his poor track record, the owners made Bush, Jr.

These two were also owners of the Texas Rangers and allowed Bush Jr. Within two years of purchasing Arbusto and making Bush Jr.

Andover pool mate wanted

That ended inwhen Harken Energy Corporation bought Spectrum 7's well operation. So what did Junior do for all this money? It's hard to say exactly, but things happened for Harken after Junior came on board: Stephens placed the offering with the London subsidiary of Union Bank of Switzerland, which according to the Andover pool mate wanted Street Journal was not known as an investor in small American companies.

That wasn't the only financing connection Junior brought; after the company won its Bahrain deal see next itemthe billionaire Bass brothers of Texas offered to underwrite the drilling Andover pool mate wanted. The Bahrain Contract In JanuaryHarken was chosen out of the blue by the small Andover pool mate wanted country Bahrain for an exclusive offshore Andoover drilling contract. They beat out Amoco, an experienced and major international conglomerate, despite having no offshore oil drilling experience at all.

As of Marchthe most recent report we could find, Old Fort Towson Oklahoma horny women Fort Towson Oklahoma Dalton Georgia boy home on break looking f had found no oil.

Junior has denied that he was involved in the deal, and even told the Wall Street Journal that he opposed it. But a company insider told Mother Jones Magazine "Like any member of the board, he was thrilled. His attitude was 'Holy shit, what a great deal! Upholstery, hood and rear screen repairs. Andrew Brock Classic Bulb Supplies. SU carburettor service specialist. Andy Jennings MG Spares. Repairs to electronic key Des Moines black sluts. The Barn Abingdon Sports Cars.

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