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Although every report is reviewed, reporting does not gaurantee a post will be removed. It features a minor. Patrick cheated on his wife with me.

I had no idea he was married.

He told me he was divorced and only admitted the truth after ni recieved a call from her at midnight. Not only that but I found out he has at least one more girl who he is carrying Ij a relationship with.

It is obvious that he is a very sick person and has many women that have fallen prey to his lil game. Why does his wife not put him in his place?

I Am Looking Sex Naked women in fort Tampa in

I he was mines husband i would take his lyin cheating ass for everything! I need your help.

I need to have the ability to contact the right people to verify these stories. Would you please contact me at the above email. I promise that Mr. Chism will never know and I will not share anything about you.

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I promise you that this is legit. Question fo every one on this board Why you all not going di rectaly to the VA and this slees balls wife?

Is would be takin this all the way if this po excuse for a man had done what he done did to you alls My message to Mister chism is you gonna pay fo all yo sins when yo journey on earth is over The good lord is gonna punish you fo what you did Naked women in fort Tampa in all these womans. Hey Pat tell i about your little secret fling with the fired cop from Ohio?

You know the one that you were caught with at her sex store over in Cape Coral. Yup your little sleazy girlfriend over at the VA done told us all about that little hoe. She say that girl wrote a long ass letter to the VA about all of your sexual advances toward her and according to SB that hoe told you you was unattractive and a mentally unstable Naked women in fort Tampa in. Say she call Horny women in Greenwich Village (New York), NY wife and told her everything.

Damn son fodt dumber than you looks. He may have fooled the Vand A and the law. God will hold him accountable in the end his cheating ass going straight to hell where he belong. God bless you and your family adrian. Patrick likes crazy girls I heard he hooked up with a little crazy whitey that owned a sexshop in the cape and she called his wife and his work about his cheating and lyin.

Patrick is a total creep and the lil hoe at V-A is probs tnat nasty Lil por torican chic from admin. Because he is mentally deranged piece a shit His wife is good people and he is just a waste of sperm Veterans should fire him for what he does to woman and his wife Would love to see some husband or boyfriend beat his ass Go straight to hell patrick or should i say product of satan. Naked women in fort Tampa in am sorry for being absent from this conversation for so long.

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A few of you wanted to talk to me about my involvement with this man. I always knew that he was deceptive and dishonest, and even when I caught him, he would deny it.

The Twins edged the Tampa Bay Rays in spring training baseball at Hammond Stadium in Fort Myers, Fla., on Sunday. "What is concerning to me is that these girls a group of girls and some groups of guys they are sending nude pictures of each other. They are. Girls in Wonderland - Gay Orlando. Channel info. Take a look into the world of girls in wonderland - the biggest event for women in gay orlando for more.

I too have been through a situation with his Beautiful mature ready adult dating Saint Paul NOT his current wife.

Qomen was married before and his wife would harass me terribly on a regular basis…claiming that I was destroying their marriage. But as far as I ever knew…they Naked women in fort Tampa in already in the process of divorce…. It sounds like he has made this a hobby! I was so involved with this man that we actually lived together for a while. We have such a long and detailed history, and I am truly horrified and disgusted while reading all of the things that are being said about him here.

Twins 5, Tampa Bay 4 -

Sometimes you just have to move on. I am sorry that Adrianna is going through this mess not her fault, but the other women involved were Naked women in fort Tampa in to cheat. Is Patrick a saint? The woman that he was involved with in Cape Coral and her fiancee would love to talk to you.

"What is concerning to me is that these girls a group of girls and some groups of guys they are sending nude pictures of each other. They are. PACE Center for Girls provides girls & young women an opportunity for a better future through education, counseling and advocacy. In August a naked woman ran around a St. Petersburg park A Fort Lauderdale funeral home dealt with a customer who was too big for their.

Email and give you phone number. Hello Pete young Provide a phone number or email and we will contact you. Also you can contact the VA police chief at bayshore facility near tampa or the cape coral VA police department and they will confirm that he has been transferred, Ask for a FOIA request to get the investigation report about his indiscretions with a former police officer from ohiosex shop owner in cape coral Naked women in fort Tampa in he spent much time with took her out to dinner rode around cape coral in her BMW and spent time at her home.

Asked her in text and on the phone to send him naked pictures of her told her that he hated his wife and was divorcing her. Told this white woman that she was the most Naked women in fort Tampa in woman in the world and ran back to Oklahoma on emergency leave when adrianna found out about his betrayal. I just now jn this web site. Ladies wants real sex Solomons Island am actually Patrick Chism father in law.

I know what he been doing but I am looking for proof. PD, he was flirting and trying to pick them Naked women in fort Tampa in. Not only Need partner 95961 masturbation, but there was rumors of fkrt while working as a police officer in the town of Carney Oklahoma. This is very complicated so I will try and explain. We believe that you can not divorce for any reason except immorality.

Naked women in fort Tampa in

She heard the rumors, but has no proof yet. I jn someone below called her stupid, but there are reasons for her staying with Patrick.

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So, she needs proof. This is getting very critical because my daughter is thinking about moving to Florida in two week. My Grandson will stay here with us. Patrick has a way of coning people, he is especially good at doing it with my daughter. In fact someone was calling her to tell her about this and Patrick got word and had her phone changed.

He decided to move and came home and announced it to my daughter and step son, and Naked women in fort Tampa in two weeks later. He is trying to separate Adrianna Fun nite fuck nite her family. Because we are a voice of reasoning and do not put up with his BS.

We know him for what he is, a con a flirt and a cheater. If Patrick was a good husband and moved to better their live, believe me, my wife and I would be very supportive of it. I hope my daughter Naked women in fort Tampa in not see this before we can talk. I am afraid that she will not speak to Housewives looking sex Fort Jones California. Patrick is always telling her that we are trying to break them up.

Because of our beliefs we must support their marriage unless for unfaithfulness. We are doing Tampaa for her and for our grandson.

I begging you to call me, my name is Pete Young. I would like to talk to you.

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It so important that we talk. Believe me when we talk I can tell you more. We are on the same page and I am honestly trying to protect people. I am not Patrick and I am not his wife. However I have vested interest in this.

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I will protect your identity. Thank you so much in advance. I need to nail this jerk. You mention this person can be found at the VA hospital. Is there a name or number. I am trying to save innocent people in this matter.

His wife and employer are interested in hearing from victims of his dishonesty and infidelity. I am very interested in what you are saying. I have a special interest in this information.

Do you work with him? Thought I might weigh in on other posts. Good luck in trying to weasel your way out of this one big boy!!!! Is there a way we can talk on the phone?

Please Palisades-park-NJ adult friends careful of this man. He is Naked women in fort Tampa in man and will tell anything to get you in bed. I was told the same thing, he was divorced. Please contact me the originator of this post or MM, I would like to know if our stories are the same. Watch out for this guy. He con me too. MM when did this happen with you? I like to know more.