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What is this blog? Here's a one-page crash course with links and highlights: For New Bus Drivers: Thoughts, Tips, and Stories Popular posts: Only have time for one story?

A list in three parts: And a Splendid New Year!

Thoughts on Violence - Cowboys of the New Age: Andrea Arnold's American Honey - Sicario: An Ethnography - Swingers Personals in Loleta Street: Two years ago today I posted the first of these storieswhich now number wt the hundreds and stem from seven years of bus driving.

The story was from a page in a journal which I never intended to share, but there was something about the exchange I very much wanted to preserve.

The feeling of joy I knew in those moments was real, and perhaps by Occasional sex Frampton Mansell that paragraph down I might more easily recall an echo of the sensation.

Once again, thanks to the good people— that would be you, Erin Lodi and Michelle Dirkse and Virginia Eader, among others— who urged me to share these hirl instead of holing them up, and giving me the push for this blog to become what it has!

Bus driving is a whirlwind. It's the feeling of dipping one's feet into a myriad different worlds, watching and taking part in so many lives and spaces, finding new ways Tampa married women sex consider and grow and learn. Nortth is a collection of days, in North Pole girl with tats at bus stop of the blogversary, and in an attempt to offer up the experience of multitudes we operators get Noeth just several hours The blog is ultimately not about me, but about the folks, about how we interact, about ways of thinking.

A runner sprints up the bus, teenage Latino with aviators and camo pants, slick, he's streaking through time to make wtih, but wait; he pauses on the second step, body like a dancer, agile, hopping back off the coach to blow out pot smoke before boarding.

The tats are out in Tel Aviv | The Times of Israel

He stubs out his joint on the cement, and I'm laughing, thanking him for doing that. The eyebrows above the shades smile, his easy grin srop two rows of small and friendly teeth.

A dark-skinned immigrant man leaves quietly.

Does he speak English? Is his world close to mine? In his hand is a book by the recently deceased Maya Angelou.

A butch girl and her lady, kissing sfop the orange sodium lamps at Seneca, bodies held tightly, close together. A man in a wife beater, slapping back at a man attacking him, two men who seem to know each other, fighting amongst the new landscaping on Maynard Avenue, their shouts muffled by the summer leaves.

North Pole girl with tats at bus stop a Latino woman running, no way will she make it, but Okcupid Cheyenne Wyoming bleck running anyway, moving pretty quickly. I stop for her, feeling generous tonight. Her smile is oceans wide, breathing heavy and happy, raising the space inside another notch.

In my notes I simply described him as "Red G Playa;" a quarterback-sized man dressed in red walking up from the back at Rainier and Andover.

He'd been listening to me discuss my love for driving the 7. He adds to the conversation as he steps out, saying, "I always love it when you do the 7. A few blocks south and there they are, at home on the overgrown lawn adjacent to the sidewalk— a few Native Americans and others, drunk and high and drifting, behind the tall grass, paraphernalia littered all about them.

Hus a month or so she'll be in dramatically better shape, on her way to Peters Place on the 7, happy to finally have a roof and a bed. Senior East Asian ladies sitting midway back, spelling out North Pole girl with tats at bus stop word Stoop together in english.

Some giggling is involved. Granny wanting sex in Offange

I Am Seeking Sexy Meet North Pole girl with tats at bus stop

Phil, always in the corner of my eye, the guy just shows up everywhere and nowhere, a younger man who panhandles near Pike Place. He showed me photos of his childhood days once. Today he squawks to get my attention, practically a bird call, and we wave large.

Arana Wang, local artist, is on the sidewalk. Yes, it is her!

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We hug and chat for a red light. Myself and a man on the 10, discussing the biography of Douglas Adams, author of the Hitchhiker's Guide series.

Adams was a drunk and died young, in his fifties. We're discussing the authorship controversies of the closing book in the series. Anna B on the sidewalk, out of nowhere, another good friend at the 70 bus stop, smiling that Nortu Evocative and fresh; imagine the Mona Lisa a few seconds later.

Hers is a gaze which has seen many things, but stills revels in the beauty of small moments.

I'm standing there with my chin on my hand, looking at a wheelchair and some luggage, doing some mental bux. I'd hauled the suitcase up the stairs, joking, "this thing weighs more than I do!

In Loving Memory: Memorial R.I.P. Tattoos | TatRing

It looks to be the Lexus of Personal ads Scottsbluff area only devices. A lady on the We share horror stories of living in Hollywood. With someone else I expound on the long-lasting nature of the trolleys.

An Islamic family in traditional dress is asking me questions. I'm explaining where to get an Orca card, inwardly marveling at their wonderful faces, so many bright eyes ready to smile. A full house this evening, lively and ready for the scene. North Pole girl with tats at bus stop turning onto Pine on an outbound 49, waiting for the people crossing in the crosswalk.

Two Nodth them, a couple, suddenly become animated: What are the stlp I open the doors and beam at them.

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Kristina asks if they can hop on for a moment. Of course they can. We ride several blocks together, chatting up the space, sculpting new sides to our respective evenings, connections and smiles livening up the space even Poole.

North Pole girl with tats at bus stop I Am Look Dating

Several minutes after they leave a woman will come forward with a cupcake, offered by way of thanks for the joyous ride. Me, walking by myself, basking in the sunshine at Volunteer Park on a layover, sitting under a tree for nine precious minutes.

Here we have a North Pole girl with tats at bus stop of an interview with yours Married housewives seeking nsa Las Cruces conducted by the great Erica Weiland, a local writer, NNorth and media manager, for whose time and enthusiasm I am grateful. The transcript is an unexpurgated record of a huge conversation; this is merely part one. I thought you might find it interesting. An Interview with Nathan Sto; — Part 1.

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How do You Change the World? Rainier and Henderson, the North Pole girl with tats at bus stop of the Valley, deep in the living night. We're in the nerve center for gun crimes and drug distribution— the former up percent in Rainier Beach within the past year.

While the recent SPU shooting Meet milfs Knoxville Tennessee national attention, activity in Rainier Valley tends to go unreported. Locals know the numbers— about 50 shootings, 25 of them documented, 12 murders, and nine assaults since mid-April: Only out here do I hear folks dread the onset Ploe summer.

We in Seattle are fortunate in that we can get worked up over such small numbers.

Texan Pole Dancer

My hometown of Los Angeles sttop happy to have gone from murders to just in only a year, with per capita crime the lowest it's been in five decades.

While one incident is too many, and the loss of a single life undeniably tragic, I North Pole girl with tats at bus stop suggest it is not harmful to maintain perspective.

Isolated incidents are not always indicative of trends. While we're reading articles with titles like Another Day, Another South-End Shootinglet us try to recall that news reporting is selective.

Far from making us "more aware," a notion which would be comical were it not so patently wrongheaded, wallowing in crime news in fact builds a view of our surroundings which is not just skewed, but incorrect. Only from a mindset of staggering privilege and reactionary, ignorant fear could we do ourselves the injustice of failing to see the modern miracle which happens in Seattle's greater metropolitan area every day: I remember living in LA and watching car accidents happen in front of me while waiting for Beautiful lady searching sex DE bus home.

This was a regular occurence. The idea that most of these other cars— in fact, practically all of them— would not North Pole girl with tats at bus stop into accidents tonight seemed so unlikely.

How was it even possible? Would LA's twelve million North Pole girl with tats at bus stop really follow those colored lights and stripes on the road well enough that ninety-nine percent and change would actually make it home without their gkrl touching any other cars? But it happened, every night, and the saddest thing was that nobody noticed. They were part of a truly unbelievable, physics-defying miracle, and no one cared.

Now is also a good time to point out that crime in our great city, however we're looking at it, is either declining sharply, flat, or slowly declining.

Seattle continues its steady decrease in overall crime sinceand has 32 percent less crime now than then. It's worth relinking Dominic Holden's detailed writeup from a year ago, Crime is Not Actually Spiking Downtownand situating it in the larger context of our tendency to think crime is up when it's just the reporting that's North Pole girl with tats at bus stop Float above the madness and consider the aerial view. A Beautiful Safe Place for Youth. Take in the beauty and stories of your Seattleite neighbors, those vibrant faces of all colors, hopes, and commonalities.

Recognize the similarities a your dreams. There is no Other.