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Try our sister website Financial Help Resources. I don't have to answer any questions or gotten any flak about my lack of beliefs, but I know this isn't always the case for enlisted soldiers.

Aircraft Maintenance Dates of Service: Afghanistan Bagram AB September January I must admit, that I don't really know specifically of things I've had to "opt out" of per se, but there have been numerous times in my career, to include basic training, tech school, and beyond that I've been uncomfortable in participating in mandatory formations in which prayers are held.

Unfortunately, while I would love to just step out of formation and explain why Single Gary Indiana for military man, I fear that doing so would put in more of a position where they would say "just go through the motions and stay where you are instead of disrupting things. I'd have to say the worst experience I've had was a time during tech school that I was being questioned about some trouble in which I had found myself. My MTL military training leader asked me directly, and behind closed doors, "do you believe in god?

I don't remember specifically as to whether or not he quoted the Bible or tried to bring up biblical stories, Married wives looking casual sex Manchester New Hampshire is was one of the most emotionally prominent memories I have of the Air Force.

I believe that the line between church and state has been blurred for far too long and needs to be redrawn with Single Gary Indiana for military man VERY thick marker. It sickens me to think about the metaphysical ideas upon which decisions that affect the lives of myself, my fellow Airmen, my family and my country are based.

I shudder to think of how life will be if the growing trend of religion in the government continues. It's been said that the war I fight even now is one based on religion. It's a well-known fact that there have been more human beings killed on the Single Gary Indiana for military man of this planet in the name of religions and gods than for any other miljtary or purpose.

Religion's uncanny ability to obscure that fact and prevail over rationality prevents people, no matter how intelligent, from seeing this and putting a Siingle to it. This needs to come to an end.

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I only hope we, as a collection of races mllitary Single Gary Indiana for military man species can renounce religious dogma, and embrace rationality and logic and most of all life before we destroy it from the face of this earth forever over things that no one alive today can prove to be true.

Navy Ensign Coey Sipes Specialty: Dec - Present Decorations: While I was enlisted I went on numerous deployments and before we Sexy wives want casual sex East Lansing on any of them we got our chaplain brief.

Let us pray for a safe return. I would rather not leave it up to some mythical entity to decide if I come home or not, Single Gary Indiana for military man would rather rely on the actual people I'm working with Singld then we won't have to pray for anything.

I was also a colorguard member. Where at nearly every dor I had to listen to some prayer or another.

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When I was doing a colorguard for a funeral, I was fine with it because its what made the family and friends of the member feel better so I say, fine sure let the people pray, its their moment of grief, its their day, I was never upset about attending them because, I though if being here in uniform helps ease this families pain at all, then its worth it, its what I chose Single Gary Indiana for military man do.

However, when I'm Single Gary Indiana for military man the Navy ball I shouldn't Singlr to bow my head in prayer or at a flr out or any other official military event. Single Gary Indiana for military man think that for the predominately Christian population in the military, less main stream religions such as Muslim there's only a handful of Muslim chaplains and Buddhist are hard for them to handle atheism or agnostic generally are not favored. It shouldn't be forced on everybody because not everyone believes the same.

If they do want to hold a public prayer, then allow us atheists to leave for the duration of the prayer. Eisenhower for 8 Ijdiana to the Gulf and every night over the 1MC the announcement system was prayer. I found it Horny in Littlerock tx. I felt like a captured audience.

Also, in boot camp, we were learning commands - right face, march, all that and 1 command is "Let Us Sungle and we were told it didn't matter what we believed, when we heard that command, we HAD to bow our heads. Gzry prayer is a command. I try as often as possible these Single Gary Indiana for military man not to bow my head, most people don't notice because their heads are bowed.

I do find Sintle people are very intolerant of nontheists, mostly these are the "fundies. Army Captain James Higgins Specialty: Patriot surface to air missiles Dates of Service: May to June Decorations: I also had assignments in Germany, Korea, Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, Ft.

So, I do not use the term "combat Idniana to describe myself and have no first-hand experience with prayer in combat. Regarding prayer in general, I conceptualize it as the western tradition of centering or meditation, and have no issues with those who chose to practice it on thier own or in groups of like-minded individuals. Of course, I Housewives looking sex tonight Chennai believe that rational thought and millitary responsibility are far better solutions to problems than wishing for a supernatural "out" from life's trials!

But if someone needs to indulge in a few minutes of quiet reflection, that doesn't bother me. I have only rarely Sinhle experienced religious discrimination. Although, many, many times I silently rolled my eyes Indina chaplains would offer prayers at meetings, official social functions, before deployments, and at any other activity where everyone was forced Single Gary Indiana for military man attend and listen.

Especially the prayers offered "in Jesus' name", which is presumptious, exclusionary and offensive to any non-Christian. I definitely have been made to feel excluded by others including some, but not Gqry chaplains and I do feel that if I were more outspoken in my younger years about my disbelief, there would have been potential for far more.

I also strongly object to compulsory religious services. Yes, they did happen. We weren't ordered into the chapel, but it was "frowned upon" to object.

Oct 09 - Current Decorations: NAS Fallon Sept 22 - Current I have not been in the Navy for very long, but during my service so far I have come across several instances of intolerance. The intolerance I have faced has not been from my chain of command but rather my fellow junior enlisted. Iniana

I would advise anyone with these problems to handle yourself with tact and discretion when making your point to your shipmates or combat partners. You can control the situation and make it tolerable if you maintain a cool head.

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Flight Student Dates of Service: Another thing I found to be very disheartening was being required to talk with our unit's chaplain after being involved as the Medic in an IED attack on our vehicle that killed our former platoon sergeant and wounded everyone else besides me. I was always told that 'God has a soft spot for Medics' but even after walking away with all my limbs and my life on that day, I held firm in my choice of being an Atheist.

I didn't pray for the deceased 'soul' nor did I even think about meeting with the chaplain regarding the event. Horny bi guy wellington we met with the chaplain we were asked to pray and yet again, I found myself looking around the room thinking 'what are we accomplishing here again? I was always busy on missions being one of only 3 medics in our Battery so, I was there for most of these prayers thinking, 'Religion is why we are in this war in the first place, haven't you guys figured that out yet?

During each Single Gary Indiana for military man we had at Candidate School, after PT on different occasions, during the 'Senior Pinning' ceremonies, graduation and Oath of Office ceremoniesthe chaplain was there to pray with us and I stood there trying not to think that I had more productive things to accomplish with my time than wasting it with prayer.

It Single Gary Indiana for military man be one thing if the formations weren't required but, who would want to miss their Appointment to WO1 Single Gary Indiana for military man because prayer was interwoven into the ceremony's events?

Another side note I found to be very coercive was that all Service Members who were married were allowed to visit with family members during Sunday worship services while those who weren't religious or Massage girls Jasonville city who weren't married were stuck on work details during that period of time.

The Candidate School Policy places a restriction on candidates having Single Gary Indiana for military man while assigned to Candidate School with threats of elimination if found to be visiting when not on a pass. It gave the appearance that religious service members were rewarded for iSngle to church while the rest suffered through work details and no visitation for Snigle weeks.

I had a long discussion one day with our chaplain in Iraq about his stance on faith and god and whether any of the stuff he earns a living preaching about was actually true. Garu was very open to discussion and very stubborn to Single Gary Indiana for military man the delusional nature of his stance on religion. He didn't take very kindly to being Online nsa Wheeler Oregon whether he feels that his faith was better defined as his delusion but still left the subject open to discussion.

There should Single Gary Indiana for military man be a heck of a lot more support and consideration given to non believers in our Army and in our society. That is why I am here, I want to help this cause until there is no reason to be a part of it anymore. Everyone is asked to bow there head and I have to put up with it.

A public prayer at a military event is unconstitutional.

Single Gary Indiana for military man

milktary There's nothing wrong with a prayer Idniana private as Single Gary Indiana for military man as it doesn't interfere with the mission. May - current Decorations: Combat Infantry Badge Tours of duty, with dates: Army Major Gareth Lintt Specialty: Army Engineer Dates of Service: Feb 95 - Current Tours of duty: If you're praying while deployed in a staff position you do not know how to do your job well enough and you're hoping something will come along and magic this knowledge into you.

I do not know that I have experienced overt discrimination due to my lack of belief, I tend to just not discuss religion while working. I am also one of those people that does not bother bowing my head during prayers prior to ceremonies, or for whatever reason.

Never had anyone say anything to me either. And I would not expect anyone to, much easier to get away with non-theistic actions when you're an officer and on staff. Much more difficult for lower enlisted members when they have their immediate chain of command frowning on their actions. Nuclear Machinists Mate Dates of Service: In addition, there was always a threat of a steam leak I think that if any individual feels in necessary to pray, that's fine and is well within their right.

However, it should Gqry be a unit event, in part to prevent any feeling of exclusion or discord between members of the unit. I think this idea fits well within core values and is or should be taught to recruits just like every other form of discrimination is. I recall my boot camp Single Gary Indiana for military man frequently telling fellow recruits that they "looked like brothers" -- that's how it should remain.

I did have some discriminatory experience with a professor at a local college while attending classes during my Navy Single Gary Indiana for military man, he seemed to down-rate every form of religion that wasn't Christian.

From my fellow sailors however, I would say that I had no issues with discrimination or intolerance. It rarely came up except from a questioning view, when referring to the war, Single Gary Indiana for military man had several other sailors say "isn't it all the same God?

When I sought help or advice there was a catholic chaplain, who, while very kind, seemed to have difficulty understanding the worldview I was expressing--and was thereby less helpful in alleviating my troubles and giving advice that was useful to me.

Satellite Communications Dates of Service: Army Sergeant Janson Rosetta Specialty: Air Defense Artillery Dates of Service: April - Present Decorations: Army Achievement, Global War on Terrorism. Mobile Assault Dates of Service: Crew Chief Dates of Service: I always questioned mah whys of religion but stopped when they put the fear of god in me. During my first deployment I had plenty of time to think since I had no other form of entertainment and started Indoana my views in god.

As time passed I always came with Single Gary Indiana for military man end answers and stop believing completely even though a lot of my fellow soldiers called me a heathen, the devil and what not. I am Fuck girls in Idaho Falls az for free of those persons who doesn't really care for people's opinions.

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I feel more at peace now and will never deny my beliefs no matter how many people put me down. The planes flew over Pakistan and into Afghanistan. May - Present Decorations: Every scrap of religious teaching came under scrutiny Singlee every question I posed found a dead end, and from this blossomed the rational-thinking creature at the end of this post. Maintenance production management Dates of Service: Fighter pilot A-4s Dates of Service: I lost a wingman; he was captured then executed by North Vietnamese regulars.

I was hit at least six times, but managed to fly the jet home each time. Never once "prayed" for anything. Avionics Technician Dates of Service: January - Present I've always questioned faith, even when ISngle was a Gafy kid in catechism classes I found holes in religion that nobody seemed to have an answer for other than, "Have faith" or "God's ways are higher than ours.

Single Gary Indiana for military man I admitted this to myself, and subsequently, to everyone else, I've been very lucky that nobody has been relentless in Women wants real sex Marion Station proselytizing or discriminated jilitary me for it, but I see it in the media every day, and I'm very glad there are organizations like MAAF and its partners to support atheists in their struggle for equality.

Army Captain Audrey Quinby Specialty: Army Sergeant David Lindberg Specialty: My atheism and anti-theism was reinforced by hearing the cries, in English and Arabic, for mercy or help from "god" when a person fir hurt and or dying. The help never appeared to come. Seeing humans die brutally, slowly, or without Hollywood style drama is a life, or rather, death-affirming experience.

Woman seeking couple Lansing Michigan family and I and thousands of others have paid dearly. Nov - current Decorations: Public Affairs Dates of Service: May July Decorations: I later voluntarily became a Roman Catholic, and then later again voluntarily became a Unitarian Humanist.

Millitary my year active duty career I was never hassled about religion. In both military and civilian life the evangelical religious virus has infected everything. Freedom of religion and Single Gary Indiana for military man from religion are equally important to a just Single Gary Indiana for military man. I look forward to the day when there's no longer a need to support these organizations. Army Captain Kattarina Simons Specialty: JAG officer - attorney Dates of Service: February present Tours of duty: Operation Iraqi Freedom, August 13th, to present Decorations: Navy Commander James Ridgway Specialty: Aviation Dates of Service: Engineer Dates of Service: Didn't really give it all much thought until I had my own children.

I've always just kind of known that the many, varied stories of gods were just that, but it didn't bother me that others weren't able to see the same thing. Lately my lack of belief has become more important to me as I realize the kind of societal and cultural brain washing that my kids are exposed to. It Single Gary Indiana for military man hard to explain to them why daddy does not believe that "God made us", "that's what everybody else says is true".

Therefore, I am trying to learn as much as Fat Houston Texas cock for tight petite girl about the arguments for and against religion so I am ready to discuss it when they are old enough to Single Gary Indiana for military man real questions.

Bandsman Dates of Service: Nov present My career field is made up of musicians who are generally liberal-minded or at least fairly tolerant. Still, nearly everyone is Christian and many are outspoken church-goers. At the very least, I hope to avoid the usual asumptions about my beliefs.

his sports shots and quick-trigger ability to capture history in just a single shutter click. He was the seventh of nine children, coming to Gary at age twelve and His friends called him “One Shot,” and his country soon called him U.S. Army staff as a genial young man eager to make his mark in the world and as a gallant. Shelter Listings in Gary, IN, housing for low income. Home» Indiana» Gary Homeless Shelter For Men permanent, supportive housing for homeless and disabled veterans Rooming House or Boarding House A rooming house is a building in which renters occupy single rooms and share kitchens, bathrooms, and. Meet military men and find your true love at Sign up today and browse profiles of military men for free. View Singles Now. Review your.

However, when I play a concert for an audience, the people in attendance nearly always assume Christian Single Gary Indiana for military man and shower me with "God Bless Yous" and whatnot. There is nothing I can do about this, and it is tolerable considering the general goodwill with which it is given. Still, it irks me somewhat, and I like to Single Gary Indiana for military man a future where the "A" word is not feared and mistrusted. November present Decorations: When prayer is led at functions I just look ahead and remain quiet.

I have no problems with prayer at functions, I just don't participate. I don't look down on people who White girl for latino guy, it's what they do to feel good and who am I to say it's right or wrong.

I am surprised at the amount of people in the Air Force who are unsure of religion and the existence of a higher power. Operation Iraqi Freedom-May, to June, OIF, present There are Single Gary Indiana for military man atheists in my unit and we are having an issue with our chaplain and command praying prior to everything, from meetings to movement. He and everyone else in the command just make us uncomfortable every time we do something.

April 12th, - Present Decorations: Operation Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan August Present Tours of duty: July to present Decorations: AF commendation, Army commendation Tours of duty: A moment of silence? The JAG decided that we had to opt out of this. However, it seems to me that one should have to opt in.

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Oh, and the email in question was sent with a CC to the BG who ran the base, implying that the command had approved and sanctioned the religious-overtoned communiques. Navy Commander Jonathan Underwood Specialty: Naval Aviator Dates of Service: Feb 12, to Oct 30, Decorations: Naval Aviator Wings- Aircraft Carrier Qualified An ever increasing number of unchurched citizens are thriving in this Country who believe in thinking freely for themselves, using only science, reason and their own personal observations to guide them, and they refuse to allow the Free sex Ashbourne and Single Gary Indiana for military man of religious authority and holy books in any way to interfere.

They come with many tags - skeptics, atheists, unbelievers, humanists and so on. They are generally not well thought of in this Country. We represent the contributions and aspirations of the millions of upright free thinkers in this Country, many of whom are veterans and retirees as I am.

Our world views may be at variance with many, but we love this Country. Our allegiance to the United States is steadfast and unwavering in the same tradition as it was with our deist fore-bearers, Benjamin Franklin, Tomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson.

It should be recognized that if exemplary citizens can be prejudicially reproached with "guilt by association", then the logical inverse of that progression applies as well, and that is "honor by association". It is my hope Single Gary Indiana for military man for the 21st Century an informed Zeitgeist in America will include an awareness that closely held values including Duty, Honor, Country are not the sole domain of any single faction however large, or of any coalition of those who hold popular doctrines and creeds.

We are "one Nation," although not under anybody's God, "with liberty and justice for all. Bomber pilot Dates of Service: As for prayer in combat, if someone needs it they are more then welcome.

While deployed in the Pacific or at home station there is a lot of prayer at mandatory functions, and that bugs me. Kirkuk Regional Air Base, Iraq; Army Achievement Medal Tours of duty: Minnesota Army National Guard, Army Reserve While I did sit through some unit assemblies with the Chaplains some mandatory, most notI never had Single Gary Indiana for military man deal with mandatory prayer.

I took the time to read or nap and never faced any adversity for my lack of participation. Since my time was effectively all reserve duty, and in peacetime Horney wifes Thessaloniki less, my exposure to military evangelists was limited. I actually had a much Single Gary Indiana for military man time dealing with other officers due to the fact I was enlisted first than my lack of belief.

Then again it was much easier to avoid the issue as an officer. My platoon sergeant told me afterward that even if I didn't believe in God, I should bow my head out of respect for those around me. I agreed as long he would bow his head with me and pray to some other god he didn't believe in.

He wouldn't and since then I've made it a point to stand extra straight with my chin up during Single Gary Indiana for military man prayer I'm forced to listen to.

I don't face too much discrimination, possibly because I'm very outspoken and set in my beliefs. I find it ironic that grown, educated men and women look down on people who don't believe in fairy tales.

I was raised very religious and from as far back as I can remember I couldn't understand how someone could tell me that Santa wasn't real Single Gary Indiana for military man spouting the Bible in the same breath. People told me that when Single Gary Indiana for military man start flying, I'd find religion real Garg. Well, the bullets flew and I'm proud to say that even when I felt fear, not once did I Single women want sex tonight Summersville time begging imaginary friends to save me.

I'm glad there's a group like this. I know a lot of people who would benefit from this as they're very timid about letting on that they're atheist. For me it's a source Indiaba pride that I'm not superstitious. Born on the 25th of December to a virgin, called the Son of God by his disciples, and risen from the dead three days after he was killed, we wish a happy birthday to Mithras, the mythological Persian god imagined years before that other guy.

Pilot Dates of Service: South Korea, Jan 02 - Jan 03; Afghanistan, Apr 04 - Oct 04 As an Officer, I've found it relatively easy to be a military non- theist, but I imagine it would be quite a different story for a young Enlisted member. I've decided now that I've got over 10 years under my belt I need to make myself available to other service members who may need some help with issues related to being a non-believer in Single Gary Indiana for military man military.

If anybody out there is reading this and needs help, or simply just wants someone to talk to who can relate, please don't hesitate to contact me. The easiest way to do so is through the MAAF Facebook page - it's a relatively small group on there, and I'm the only Rodger Nelson, so shoot me a message and I'll get right back to you.

Good luck, and don't let the apparent saturation of Christianity through the military get you down - you can serve along side miitary and continue to defend the country you love.

Some of my best friends are Mormons and Southern Baptists, and while we completely disagree on theology, we still live, work, and fight right alongside each other. I personally think we atheists sometimes do ourselves a disservice by distancing ourselves too much from our religious peers - make them like you for who you are and the work you do first, then hit them with your beliefs if it happens to come up.

Gqry Dates of Service: May 2 - Nov 2July 5 - Dec 15 Computer Maintenance Dates of Service: July to Garry Decorations: Medical Service Corps Dates of Service: Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan It never bothers me to keep Single Gary Indiana for military man head up in formation while others are praying.

And I've noticed over the years that more Soldiers do the same. I doubt there are that many more Atheists today. Most likely, fewer feel afraid to reveal they are not Christian.

And though religion is strong and apparent among many in the military. I Anna Chatel-Guyon porn it is the Single Gary Indiana for military man heads Single Gary Indiana for military man the formation that remind the world that we are united by freedom above all else. Sep to June Decorations: Vietnam Tours; June to June and November to December By the time I joined the Marines at age seventeen I was at least an agnosticif not yet an atheist.

I had no preference for religion on my dog tags and caught grief from the DI for it. We were forced to go to church on Sunday. Either you fell out as a Catholic or a Protestant and were marched to church. In those days I was too intimidated by the DI to attempt refusal to attend Church. By the age of twenty I had Indiwna a confirmed atheist, and to this day have seen no reason to change my ideas. During two combat tours in Vietnam I was under fire my share, but I never thought of praying.

Instead I Gsry tried to make a reasonable assessment of the situation, and tried to act accordingly. To have prayed, in my mind, would have been a waste of valuable brain resources better used in ensuring my, and those in my Single Gary Indiana for military man, surviving. My first tour was as an adviser to the Vietnamese Army. I was the adviser to a Vietnamese Battery Commander. I got into several close scrapes, but again did not waste my time and mental resources in Indaina.

Everyone Horney Salvador women pei Single Gary Indiana for military man own ma of dealing with stress, hardship etc and I believe religion is a great way to handle that.

Though its certainly not for me. I do on occasionally get a little grief when I step out of the room for a chaplain's prayer. My platoon and unit are very accepting of my Atheism. In fact I'll get into some enjoyable debates with some of the Christians here. Usually around Creation vs Evolution. Munitions Systems Adult search in Appleton Minnesota of Service: March - Present Decorations: I Single Gary Indiana for military man an atheist at the time, and am still an atheist today.

The militart difference is that Insiana the beginning I wanted nothing more than to rid the world of radical religious chaos.

I thought that joining the military would give me the Single Gary Indiana for military man to serve a country dedicated to rooting out religious fundamentalism.

I later realized that I wasn't fighting against the bad guys, I was just joining more religious nuts - a whole bunch of 'em - in fighting other religious nuts. I know that not everyone in the service chooses a dogmatic path, but quite a few do, and that's enough to turn me away from this lifestyle. Lately, I have been reading about Idniana Objection and am realizing that this pertains to my situation almost Single Gary Indiana for military man.

I can't say that I wake up hating my job - I don't. Single Gary Indiana for military man Indlana do wake up hating the fact that I'm supporting a war fought by two sides that have more in common than they think - religion!

Heck, I'm Palestinian but am militarh much less similar to a radical Muslim guerilla than a blind-believing Christian is. My morality comes from reality, theirs from delusion. It became intolerable after an officer I trusted found out I cor a Atheist and told others in his christian group on base. At first it was the daily knock at my dorm room to "Save Just an swingers couple Quorn soul" and then the anger and harassment started, ranging from letters to being denied promotion and extra duty.

02745 dress black top and beautiful blonde hair commander had no shame or hesitation in telling me that I was not fit nilitary wear the uniform and there were no atheists in foxholes, and Christ was my only hope I served with good militarry and women of many beliefs who never once made my atheism an issue, good friends and excellent medics.

Our patients then and now were our primary concern, and to see and hear a Chaplain with Snigle surgeon standing in Sinngle room say to a patient who was Muslim "you need to repent before surgery Oct current Tours of duty: Afghanistan Feb Dec I haven't had to deal with too much discrimination I know many that have however Single Gary Indiana for military man I have had to Indiwna with the proselytizing of colleagues Gzry the Army's annoying militsry rituals that occur during every event or ceremony Single Gary Indiana for military man had to attend in the military.

While deployed to Afghanistan I never once looked to the heavens in miltary nor have I ever acted in Singlf cowardly manner.

Mi,itary the strength and bravery I ever needed I found Singl within, proving that there are truly "atheist in foxholes". Army Specialist John Besignano Specialty: August - July Decorations: Aerographer's Mate Dates of Service: June to January 83 Tours of duty: AG Aerographer's Mate My experience in the Navy was positive and there was no Christian evangelism or proselytizing going on that I was aware of.

We were encouraged to attend a church service of our choice on Sunday mornings while in boot camp, but other than that I do not remember any mention of religion. It is disgusting and appalling Swingers Personals in Atwood read and hear about what has happened to our armed services over the last decade or so. I can only maj that President Obama re-instates the Separation of church and state, follows the Constitution and returns our nation and our military Ineiana their former good Women Crediton in the world.

Religious zealots, whether Christian, Jewish or Muslim, do not belong in positions of power and have always been and will certainly continue to be the most destructive force in the world. Army Sergeant Chester Callahan Specialty: Communications Center Operations Singoe of Service: Army Specialist Joni Cromwell Specialty: Singlf Oct 'Oct ' Army Sergeant Christopher Wilson Specialty: Cavalry Scout Dates of Service: September Current Decorations: This has gone on for years, and I don't see any end in sight.

I feel that this is a healthy practice. The absence of theism fosters explorative, objective Indoana without the emotional constraints that religion imposes. People have a tendency, Americans especially, to live out their days Gafy a socio-psychological bubble that they are comfortable with. And understandably so, since it is much easier to live this way. Single Gary Indiana for military man I was young, I felt the ubiquitous power of the cross and stood in awe before the eloquence of Holy Scripture, yet at the same time was puzzled Single Gary Indiana for military man group rituals and the idiosyncrasies of its followers.

Then I waded through the turbulent waters of teenhood, and solutions to my questions became even more muddled, but ironically, the more confusing it got, the more clear the answer became. There I sat on the fence without a religious preference as I joined the military at the age of It was the Army that steeled my atheism. New experiences and all the exposure to other cultures popped my "bubble".

I always give solid credit to the military for my personal revelations In basic training, a fellow Private "tattled" to our Drill Sergeant that I oh-my-gosh didn't believe in God. A lot of embarrassment ensued, and I was given "special" treatment by him for the rest Single Gary Indiana for military man my training. In leader development training, I got Single Gary Indiana for military man dehydrated during land-navigation During the entire Singlr that he was with me, he vehemently tried to proselytize Single Gary Indiana for military man.

He had a very creepy approach I wish I was armed with the information and resolve that I have today. Similar occurences happen every day to some level or degree. The problems with military religiosity, or society as a whole are beyond the scope of my humble statements. I feel though, that the eventual militart of human superstition and religion are inevitable I only wish that Sex dating in Grace could see the day.

As for combat operations, at no time did I feel it necessary to call upon prayer But for those that it provides solace It would be nice if religion didn't permeate everything that we do, but unfortunately that Sijgle the current state of our reality.

Infantry Officer Dates of Service: Sep 93 to Wanting a massage today Decorations: May May 07 My only comment would be that while I was in Afghanistan, I was embedded in the Afghan National army, and the biggest impediment they have to development is their religious fervor. They will neglect training, because in their logic, it's a waste of time because their god will decide if they live or die.

In their mind, training is pointless. It's all "insh'allah" if god wills it. Its a classic example of how fundamentalism, of any stripe,retards human growth and progress Army Sergeant Aaron Couture Specialty: Afghanistan, March-September Upon first entering the military, I was dismayed to be required Indoana attend Easter services during Basic Training.

Although I have not experienced direct discrimination due Single Gary Indiana for military man my open Atheism, I experience on a daily basis the culture of ignorance and closed-mindedness that is the US Military. The broadcast of Pro-Christian media on government television overseas, without a single Atheist or even non-christian broadcast is troublesome.

When Japan moms want to fuck out mna such issues, I am told that this is the way the Military is, and that if I don't like it, I don't have to stay in. I did not experience much direct fire while deployed, but never once did I ever have the slightest notion that I would need or want "God's" protection. Jul 94 to present Tours of duty: ADAF EnlistedAdult seeking real sex OH Racine 45771 Officer present Fortunately, I've only had to endure the prostlytizing of colleagues and the mild annoyance of having imaginary men thanked and praised for my hard work during various ceremonies.

Still, the military hospital can be a lonely place for an atheist, as deism has often been a part of armies through the centuries and my belief in God is almost implicitly accepted by many who view the the physician as a healing tool of divine Gaary. I am grateful for groups like this that not only enable atheists to connect with each other, but also allow other to see that we are Single Gary Indiana for military man and well in all areas of the military.

May 14, to Present Decorations: I immediately noticed the proliferations of religious Christian artifacts, religious quotes, bumper sticks, etc. It pushed me further into my non-belief.

After having recently completed my master's degree, I have taken to studies of Atheism, Evolution, and Christianity in an attempt to understand the "virus fir the mind" that militaryy taken such a strong hold in the United States. As I read more and more, I increasingly consider the possibility of retiring to England Inxiana Northern Europe. As a Jew I experienced ofr religious discrimination at all.

During my 8 weeks of basic training Jewish soldiers Single Gary Indiana for military man Fort Dix were excused from cleaning the barracks on Friday nights to attend sabbath services on Indizna.

Camp Phoenix, Afghanistan on first deployment. The Indiaana I was in, the stronger my atheism got. I found fellow atheists through the internet in lateand that really helped me figure things out. I resent the idea that we are not as patriotic as anyone else in this country. If I had to do it over, the only thing I'd change is asking to put "Atheist" on my dog Single Gary Indiana for military man.

Single Gary Indiana for military man

Otherwise, I'd serve just as honorably. Chief Flight Surgeon Decorations: Perhaps the tendency of workers in Gary to blame automation reflects a hesitation against scapegoating immigrants, since many know all too well the ugliness that comes from racial politics. Or perhaps it comes from listening to Democratic politicians, who have long talked of how technology has changed work.

Alphonso Washington, 72, makes it clear he came to his views himself, Single Gary Indiana for military man from politicians. I spent College girls in need of money snowed in life working, and then I retired. He points to a large vegetable garden next to Single Gary Indiana for military man home, one of only a handful of empty plots on an otherwise filled block.

Alphonso was born in Gary, quit school in 11th grade, and walked straight into the steel mill. I worked 34 years as a union crane man. It is because of that word. When I ask him about the few abandoned buildings that scar his block, he stops and thinks, and then says: Not far away, Maria Garcia, 74, is more opinionated and blunt about the ugly changes in Gary.

She lives on a block that looks as if her home alone survived a tornado untouched. Her yard has a garden and decorative flourishes, an individual act of resistance against the surrounding decay. She moved to Gary in to live closer to her brother who worked in the steel mill.

She got a job working for the city and later married a steel worker. When I ask her about the changes in Gary, and on her block, she points to the broken homes: Then inpeople started moving out.

They started seeing black people coming in, and they said they would bring drugs and crime, so they left.

Single Gary Indiana for military man I Am Ready Men

I question her again to make sure I understand her correctly, and this time she is even more blunt: Print that because it is true. He pivots into a frustration about Gary now, about the emptiness, the factories closed, and the shops boarded up. When the jobs left, the whites could move, and they did. He Single Gary Indiana for military man saying he is going to bring jobs back. Sure, and I am gonna win the lottery.

Those jobs are not coming back. Sitting Indiaba to Walter is a childhood friend, Ruben Roy, 85, who joins him daily for coffee and a chat. Ruben listens and nods yes, and then adds: They got machines to shovel and pick now.