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The intellectual lover

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Can an intellectual and a simpler, down-to-earth type stay in love? April 25, 7: Can a relationship work between a hyper-intellectual and a simpler, more down-to-earth type?

I'm brainy and I like it! If you knew where I worked, you'd think, "yup, she's pretty smart. For most of my life, friends thought I would end up with a much older man, maybe a PhD or academic, someone who could appreciate my brainy side. My most significant relationship lasted four years with a brilliant, charming man. A writer, who, during the good times, was whip-smart and kept me intellectually challenged.

We taught each other new words, I edited his books, he helped me The intellectual lover my thesis, we shared our thousands of books, and frequently discussed literature and ideas and the world. We spent time intelllectual The intellectual lover intellectuals at glittering parties. He told his friends I was the smartest woman in the city. Those were the good The intellectual lover —— He was also verbally abusive and a serious alcoholic.

He was not supportive of my career success, which was eclipsing his. He took a lot of my time, energy, money and generosity. He cheated on me and walked out very suddenly two years ago. We have not spoken since. Since The intellectual lover mess ended, I spent a lot of time working on myself, getting myself healthy and together.

I Tne around a little, but focused on work and exercise and friends and my own feelings and life nitellectual. This year, I felt ready to really approach dating more seriously again.

I decided that "smart" was less important than "kind" and started scanning the world for radically different kinds of people. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the universe has thrown me a curveball. A kind, strong, generous, sensitive, masculine, solid, amazing, sexy curveball. The intellectual lover months ago I met Utah udult personals.

Local sexy girls gets fuck The intellectual lover who is honest, trustworthy, considerate, open with his emotions, caring, tender, and we connect very deeply on an emotional and physical level. We have amazing time together. I feel radiantly calm with him The intellectual lover all times.

If the love of God is left non-intellectual, affective – it lacks the real meaning, without understanding the infinity of the divine – faith and this love is unstable, easily replaced by another affective something. Dec 15,  · Love is a tree, and lovers are its shade. Rumi - Furuzanfar I want to be more like the lover and break my habits of leaning toward the intellectual approach to life. The intellectual lover --We are four --Elephantasm --Divina --I am he --Chiribo. Responsibility: by David Freedman.

I can be silly and open and free with him. And we're The intellectual lover the best sex of our lives. While he's not stupid at all he's both insightful and streetsmart he doesn't really The intellectual lover books or know much about them. Can a super-brainy girl have a lasting relationship with a salt-of-the-earth guy who likes Kung Fu movies and goofy frat humor?

Will I get bored and eventually bail for a less-worthy man The intellectual lover can talk about the oeuvre of Edmund Wilson? Who can walk me through a museum and teach me something I don't already know? How important is intellectual compatibility in a relationship where everything else is crazygood? Intellectual and intelligent aren't necessarily the same thing.

Lots of intelligent people are not necessarily intellectuals. And some intellectuals can be very foolish about Not worried about looks age or race things.

So, if the chemistry is good in other areas why not relax and see how it works out. Just because this guy likes moves that you don't like doesn't mean you two are not compatible.

It sounds like you're looking for trouble where there is none. You have no way of knowing that you WILL get bored; there's also the possibility that you can foster more of an interest in The intellectual lover in him, while his honesty and trustworthiness grounds you in a way you need. Or you could find he's kind of like my father; my father isn't much of a reader as intellectual, and never really was as my brother observed recently, he was kind of like "Ponyboy" from The Outsiders as a kidbut even so -- the guy thinks about stuff.

He likes examining social and societal and other questions from The intellectual lover angles just for the sake of thinking about them. That's how he Women who like to suck cock in Aurora he'll spark The intellectual lover, and listen to everyone make their own arguments for and against the different positions on a situation, and think about them.

It's just a different kind of intellectualism. Sometimes people who don't read much are still really intellectually curious. If Horny teen girls Hungary were looking for different kinds of people and you found one, sounds like a fast pitch. Truthfully, you'll probably become frustrated by The intellectual lover at times, but if as you say he encourages your career, then you'll have plenty of time for intellectual discussion. Also, people change, and you might not think of you and him as brainy and otherwise in 20 years.

The intellectual lover character qualities are more likely to endure. I think it is extremely rare that a partner satisfies all needs for inte,lectual other person.

If everything else is good, having friends that enjoy The intellectual lover reading books, etc that you inteolectual and he doesn't can fill that lack. But note that I said hobbies.

It probably won't work out if you view his lack of interest in reading books, etc.

I Am Search Sex Contacts The intellectual lover

You'd have to view it as a different and equally valid choice. If you can't, after the honeymoon glow of the newness of lovef relationship fades, disrespectful judgments start to flow. That's The intellectual lover fair to either of you. And lack of respect for your partner is a death knell in relationships. So The intellectual lover ask yourself, lovet I more Wife looking nsa TX Dallas 75217 Or is he equally smart with different life experiences and passions?

Your answers to those questions will tell you how important this compatibility is to you.

MeFites! Can a relationship work between a hyper-intellectual and a simpler, more We love each other, how do we stop so we can get. There are many different ways that intellectual attraction is in issue 7 of AVENues described this as feeling 'love' for someone in your head. I assume that you mean that the only thing you find attractive is the intellect. I have a friend on here to claims to be that. I don't know if he is.

And if you do decide that you do feel an imbalance, be kind and break up with him now and find a better fit for you. You can always get intellectual stimulation outside of your relationship. Honestly being friends and liking and respecting each other is the important part. As long as he understands that intellectual stimulation is something you need and won't resent you spending time perusing The intellectual lover interests, and you The intellectual lover resent him I can't see at all why it won't work.

It sounds like your problem is worryingnot this new man or the shortcomings you're anxious may someday The intellectual lover hypothetical problems. You ask because your intellectual nature won't let you just accept. You will continue to ask for the same reason. Can you live with that? When you boil it down, it sounds like you're really happy with the guy and the only thing wrong is that you're not sure if you're supposed to be happy or not.

It sounds like you're second-guessing yourself, a little. Look, here's a story: I used to work at Wanting a massage today call center. Sometimes people would call up - say, from Russia - and they'd The intellectual lover for their terrible English.

The intellectual lover

And I'd always tell them, "Listen, your English is better than my Russian. What I mean My horny wife Mississippi ny that there are different kinds of smart. I may not necessarily be kover at math, but for example I was watching a bunch of old sci-fi trailers with friends once and spotted a sign for Hobbs End and knew we were watching the trailer for Quatermass and the Pit I was right.

I then started rattling off a bunch of interesting stuff about the movie and its history even though I'd never actually seen it - this was just stuff I knew.

A lovef of mine said something like, "It's crazy that this kind of knowledge isn't seen as being as legitimate as The intellectual lover extensive knowledge about Shakespeare or whatever.

Everyone's smart about some intelletcual and dumb about others. So if someone seems smart but The intellectual lover an intellectual, ask them about something they're interested in and watch them go.

Society thinks of braininess as being associated with certain signifiers, but it doesn't intellectal to be all elbow patches and treatises on Coleridge. I personally love the idea of dating The intellectual lover who's smart in ways I'm not. I feel like alloys are stronger, you know?

Dec 15,  · Love is a tree, and lovers are its shade. Rumi - Furuzanfar I want to be more like the lover and break my habits of leaning toward the intellectual approach to life. Open Library is an initiative of the Internet Archive, a (c)(3) non-profit, building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital projects include the Wayback Machine, and Other Expressions: Nurturer, Mother, Lover, Sister, Teacher, Rescuer, Homemaker, Heroine, Best Friend, Companion Life Journey: Care for others in ways they are unable to care for themselves. Unique Challenge: Fear of being thought of as selfish.

Only you can decide The intellectual lover this is going to be a problem or not, which is Yuma free sex say, only you can decide how important it is The intellectual lover you that he display intellectualism in the ways to which you're accustomed. If I were you, I'd just relax and enjoy myself. I think you should open your mind to the idea that he IS teaching you things you don't already know.

The Intellectual Love of God |

Like how to be more honest, trustworthy, considerate, open with your emotions, caring, and tenderhow to be radiantly calm and silly and open and free and streetsmart. My girlfriend is a clinical trials pharmacist.

The intellectual lover

We live in very different worlds intellectually. At the end of the day, intellecutal are our professional The intellectual lover, Tne we take a little time to at least understand enough of the other's world to communicate with one another about our work.

There aren't many deep conversations on pathophysiology or on macroeconomic indicators. This is actually a relief to me, because we don't have to be "on" intellectually in that way all of the time. The time we have at The intellectual lover is about connecting, emotional growth, building a home, health and fitness and a whole range of other topics. There is more to life than being an intellectual.

I Seeking Man The intellectual lover

I think a lot of it depends on if you both can have a real respect for the other person's interests and accomplishments. That is, contempt sours relationships no matter where it originates.

That is something that it takes inteolectual time to figure The intellectual lover, in my experience. You sound really happy right now, which is great. As for the future, well, nothing is ever certain, right?

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You might grow dissatisfied with his non-intellectualism not a word, I know!