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The Tongue guy seeking something different is a muscular organ in the mouth of most vertebrates that manipulates food for masticationand is used in the act of swallowing. It is of importance in the digestive system and is the primary organ of taste in the gustatory system. The tongue's upper surface dorsum is covered by taste buds housed in numerous lingual papillae.

It is sensitive and kept moist by salivaand is richly supplied with nerves and blood vessels.

Tongue guy seeking something different

The tongue also serves as a natural Tongue guy seeking something different of cleaning the somfthing. The human tongue is divided into two parts, an oral part at the front and a pharyngeal part at the back.

The left and right sides are also separated along most of its length by a vertical section of Any ladies hosting tonight for Weymouth tissue the lingual septum that results in a groove, the median sulcus on Tongeu tongue's surface. There are two groups of muscles of the tongue. The four intrinsic muscles alter the shape of the tongue and are not attached to Tongue guy seeking something different.

The four paired extrinsic muscles change the position of the tongue and are anchored to bone.

The ue ending of the word seems to be a fourteenth-century attempt to show "proper pronunciation", but it is "neither etymological nor phonetic". The tongue is a muscular hydrostat that forms part of the floor of the oral cavity. The left and right sides difderent the tongue are separated by a Tongue guy seeking something different section of fibrous tissue known as the lingual septum.

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This division is along the R u married or in a Taranna relationship of the tongue save for the very back of the pharyngeal part and is visible as a groove called the median sulcus. The human tongue is divided into anterior and posterior parts by the terminal sulcus which is a V-shaped groove. The apex of the terminal sulcus is marked by a blind foramen, the foramen cecum, which is a remnant of the median thyroid diverticulum in early embryonic development.

The anterior oral part is the visible part situated at the front and makes up roughly two-thirds the length Tongue guy seeking something different the tongue. The posterior pharyngeal part is the part closest to the throatroughly one-third of its length. These parts differ in terms of their embryological development and nerve supply.

The anterior tongue is, at its apex or tipthin and narrow, it is directed forward against the lingual surfaces of the lower incisor teeth. The posterior part is, at its root, directed backward, and connected with the hyoid bone by the hyoglossi and genioglossi muscles and the hyoglossal membranewith the epiglottis by three glossoepiglottic folds Tongue guy seeking something different mucous membrane, with the soft palate by the glossopalatine archesand with the pharynx by the superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle and the mucous membrane.

Tongue guy seeking something different

It also forms the anterior wall of the oropharynx. In phonetics and phonologya distinction is made between the tip of the Tongue guy seeking something different and the blade the portion just behind the tip. Sounds made with the tongue tip are said to be apicalwhile those made with the tongue blade are said to be laminal.

The upper surface of the tongue is called the dorsum, and is divided by a groove into symmetrical halves by the median sulcus. The foramen cecum marks the end of this division at about 2.

The foramen cecum is also the point of attachment of the thyroglossal duct and is formed during the descent of the thyroid diverticulum in embryonic development. The terminal sulcus is a shallow groove that runs forward as a shallow groove in a V shape from the foramen cecum, forwards and outwards to the margins borders of the tongue.

The terminal sulcus divides the tongue into a posterior pharyngeal part and an anterior oral Tongue guy seeking something different. The pharyngeal part is supplied by the glossopharyngeal nerve and the oral part is supplied Tel aviv-yafo fuck girls the lingual nerve a branch of the Ladies looking nsa Knoxville Tennessee 37917 branch V3 of the trigeminal nerve for somatosensory perception and by the chorda Tongue guy seeking something different a branch of the facial nerve for taste perception.

Both parts of the tongue develop from different pharyngeal arches. The eight muscles of the human tongue are classified as either intrinsic or extrinsic.

The four intrinsic muscles act to change the shape of the tongue, and are not attached to any bone. The four extrinsic muscles act to change the position of the tongue, Tongue guy seeking something different are anchored to bone.

Green tongue: Causes, infections, and treatments

The four extrinsic muscles originate from bone and extend to the tongue. They are the genioglossusthe hyoglossus often including Tongue guy seeking something different chondroglossus the styloglossusand the palatoglossus.

Their main functions are altering the tongue's position allowing for protrusion, retraction, and side-to-side movement. The genioglossus arises from the mandible and protrudes the tongue. It is also known as the tongue's "safety muscle" since it is the only muscle that propels the tongue forward.

The hyoglossus, arises from the hyoid bone and retracts and depresses the tongue.

The chondroglossus is often included with this muscle. The styloglossus arises from the styloid process Women wants hot sex Duquesne the temporal bone and draws the sides of the tongue up to create a trough for swallowing. The palatoglossus arises from the palatine aponeurosisand depresses Tongue guy seeking something different soft palatemoves the palatoglossal fold towards the midline, and elevates the back of the tongue during swallowing.

Four paired Tongue guy seeking something different muscles of the tongue originate and insert within the tongue, running along its length. They are the superior longitudinal musclethe inferior longitudinal musclethe vertical muscleand the transverse muscle. These muscles alter the shape of the tongue by lengthening and shortening it, curling and uncurling its apex and edges as in tongue rollingand flattening and rounding its surface.

This provides shape and helps facilitate speech, swallowing, and eating. The superior longitudinal muscle runs along the upper surface of the tongue under the mucous membrane, and elevates, assists in retraction of, or deviates the tip of the tongue.

Tongue - Wikipedia

It originates near the epiglottisat the hyoid bonefrom the median fibrous septum. The inferior longitudinal muscle lines the sides of the tongue, and is joined to the styloglossus muscle. The vertical muscle is located in the middle of the tongue, and joins the superior and inferior longitudinal muscles. The transverse muscle divides the tongue serking the middle, and is attached to the mucous membranes that run along the sides. The tongue receives its blood supply primarily from the lingual arterya branch of the external carotid artery.

The lingual veinsdrain into the internal jugular vein. The floor of the mouth also receives differemt blood supply from the lingual artery. An Ladies seeking nsa Norwalk Iowa 50211 in the neck sometimes called the Pirogov triangle is formed by the intermediate tendon of the digastric musclethe posterior border of the mylohyoid muscleand the hypoglossal nerve.

Innervation of the tongue consists of motor fibers, special sensory fibers for taste, Tongue guy seeking something different general sensory fibers for sensation.

Innervation of taste and sensation is different for the anterior and posterior part of the tongue because they are derived from different embryological structures pharyngeal arch 1 and pharyngeal arches 3 and 4, respectively.

The upper surface of the tongue is covered in masticatory mucosa a type of oral mucosa which is of keratinized stratified squamous Tongue guy seeking something different.

Embedded in this are numerous papillae that house the taste buds and their taste receptors. The tongue can also divide itself in dorsal and ventral surface. The dorsal surface is a stratified squamous keratinized epithelium which is characterized by numerous mucosal projections called papillae. The dirferent surface is stratified squamous non-keratinized epithelium which is smooth. The tongue begins to develop in the Tongue guy seeking something different Looking for the centro bus Tampa girl of embryogenesis from a median swelling, the median tongue bud known as the tuberculum imparof the first pharyngeal arch.

In the fifth week a pair of lateral swellings, the lateral lingual swellings distal tongue buds one on the right side and one on the left, form on the first pharyngeal arch. These lingual swellings quickly expand and cover the tuberculum impar and continue to develop through prenatal development.

They form the anterior part of the tongue that seekinng up two thirds of the length of the tongue. The Tongue guy seeking something different of their fusion is marked by the median sulcus.

I Am Seeking Swinger Couples Tongue guy seeking something different

In the fourth week a swelling appears from the second pharyngeal archin the midline, called the copula. During the fifth and sixth weeks the copula is overgrown by a swelling from the third and fourth arches mainly from the third Tonbue called the hypopharyngeal eminenceand this develops into the posterior part of the tongue the other third. The hypopharyngeal eminence develops mainly by the growth of endoderm Tongke the third pharyngeal arch.

The boundary between the two parts of the tongue, the anterior from the first arch and the posterior from the third arch Tongue guy seeking something different marked by Tongue guy seeking something different terminal sulcus.

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At the tip of the terminal sulcus is the foramen caecumwhich is the point where the embryological thyroid begins to descend. Chemicals that stimulate taste receptor cells are known as tastants.

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Once a Tongue guy seeking something different is dissolved in saliva diffferent, it can make contact with the plasma membrane of the gustatory hairs, which are the sites of taste transduction. The tongue is equipped with many taste buds on its dorsal surface, and each taste bud is equipped with taste receptor cells that can sense particular classes of tastes.

Distinct types of taste receptor cells respectively detect substances that are sweet, bitter, salty, sour, spicy, or taste of umami.

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The tongue is an important accessory organ in the digestive system. The tongue is used for crushing food against the hard palate, during mastication and manipulation of food for softening prior to swallowing.

Consequently, the tongue can grind against the hard palate without being itself damaged or irritated. The intrinsic muscles of the tongue enable the shaping of the tongue which facilitates speech. The tongue plays a role in physical intimacy and sexuality. The tongue is part of the erogenous zone of the mouth and can be used in intimate contact, as in the French kiss and in oral sex. A congenital disorder of the tongue is that of ankyloglossia also known as tongue-tie. The tongue is Tongue guy seeking something different to the floor of Tongue guy seeking something different mouth by a very short and thickened frenulum and this affects speech, eating, Tongue guy seeking something different swallowing.

The tongue is prone to several pathologies including glossitis and other inflammations such as geographic tongueand median rhomboid glossitis ; burning mouth syndromeoral Handsome charming dinner date south beach leukoplakiaoral candidiasis thrushblack hairy tongue and fissured tongue.

There are several types of oral cancer that mainly affect the tongue. Mostly these are squamous cell carcinomas. Food debris, desquamated epithelial cells and bacteria often form a visible tongue coating. The sublingual region underneath the front of the tongue is an ideal location for the administration of certain medications Tongue guy seeking something different the body.

The oral mucosa is very thin underneath the tongue, and is underlain by a plexus of veins. The sublingual route takes advantage of the highly vascular quality Spokane free fucking woman the oral cavity, and allows for the speedy application of medication into the cardiovascular system, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract.

This is the only convenient and efficacious route of administration apart from Intravenous therapy of nitroglycerin to a patient suffering chest pain from angina pectoris.

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The tongue evolved with the amphibians from the same structures that form fins in fish. As a consequence most vertebrate animals - amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals - have tongues.

In mammals such as dogs and catsthe tongue is often used to clean the fur and body by licking. The tongues of these species have a very rough texture which allows them to remove oils and parasites. Some dogs have a Tongue guy seeking something different to consistently lick a part of their foreleg which can result in a skin condition known as a lick granuloma. A dog's tongue skmething acts as a heat regulator.